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Our company produces reverse plated diamond roller dressers.  Our 40 years experience in the
manufacture of these highly precise diamond tools in conjunction with reasonable cost make basis for
successful application of the roller dressers in the bearing, aerospace and automotive market sectors.
Using our R&D department we are constantly developing properties of the dressing tools to insure
highest quality.
Our specialists will help you to define characteristics of the tools based on application and
characteristics of abrasive wheel to be dressed. We can produce roller dressers based either on
drawing of the roller dresser or drawing of processed part.
High level of precision of roller dressers is based on reverse electro-plating process. A "female" mould with
precise reverse image of end roll is immersed in electro-plating tank and layer of nickel is gradually formed
around diamonds. Diamonds are randomly deistributed in the dressing roll with a very high concentration.

Production facility consists of assembly, mechanical and galvanic departments, a diamond tool impregnation
department, a measuring laboratory and an engineering-design office.
Roller dressers are mainly used in high and medium volume production applications. Automotive, turbine,
pump, bearing and tool industries have the highest requirements to tolerances of complex profiles.